Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Final Post

My personal reflection of the lesson is a positive. I loved my partner I worked with and feel like we came up with a throrough and effective lesson plan. The book Corduroy was fun and I loved creating the lesson plan based on the loved childrens book. The most important thing I was trying to teach my students was accurate recollection of events that take place in a story. I wanted to read them the story and make sure they properly understood everything that was taking place. Although everything didnt go as planned I feel Sarah and I took charge and tried to make everything go as smoothly as possible. The only problem I feel we faced as a whole was the discipline part of the lesson. I expected the class to be unruley so as a future reference I will make sure to take better charge of my classroom. Some personal critiques of myself is that I think I need to take these microlesson much more serious. I did take them serious but I need to really realize that within the next 2 years I will be a real teacher and these lessons that we make in these teaching classes will come in handy in the future. It is time to face reality.

Podcast Reflection
My partner and I planned to use the podcast in the first lesson to read the story to the students. We felt it would help them to hear the story being read and have the pictures shown on the smartboard. Some problems that we faced were the fact that the podcast wasnt loud and many students complained about not hearing it. Students seemed to react well to the podcast because many of them already knew the story of Corduroy. I think podcasting is very effective in the classroom. It allows students to be able to hear the story while the teacher could be watching and making sure everyone is paying attention and understanding whats going on.

Classmates Lessons
While watching the my fellow classmates lessons I really enjoyed them. So many of them had such good ideas and their lesson plans were very effective. Some things I enjoyed most were many of the original ideas so many people created. The activities they had us doing were fun and incooperated so many different things that would be very useful in many of our own lesson plans. It so good that we can all learn from each other.
The only critique I have is for everyone including myself is that when it comes to these lessons we need to stick to our discipline tactics harder. I understand that it is hard to be serious with your peers, and even I did this, but we need to stick to one thing and not compromise for the students. There are some sneaky students out there that we need to be aware of and understand that to be a good teacher is to have a strong backbone.

Overall this class was very useful. I thank Professor Luongo for giving everyone a index card with a character it made the lessons a lot better and more realistic. They helped us all and made us realize what we have to work on and what can make us better educators for the future.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Post Sept 29

We finally got it done! Our podcast is complete as well as the effective questions, now we can move on to our lesson plan. Prof. Luongo has said we will get new dates on when we will teach so in the mean time Sarah and I will be coming up with a great lesson plan to present to the class. I am soo excited today was a success.

Effective Questions

1. Why do you think Corduroy sad in the beginning?

2. Why didn't the little girls mother let her buy Corduroy?

3. What was Corduroy searching for when he left the shelf?

4. Who found Corduroy roaming the store late at night?

5. What happened at the end of the story?

Pre Sept 29 part 2

As a result of old computers and Saint Peters not really caring about all classes the computers in this room are really slow. This caused me to have to do my opening blog on my phone. It was a good improvisation but this set us back a few steps but now we are up and running and can continue strong.

Pre Sept 29

Today we decided as a class that instead of individually we would team teach. I am very excited about this because this would allow me and sarah to collaborate with our great ideas and come up with one great lesson! Today we plan to finish our podcast and effective questioning. We are determined to complete the tasks on hand.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Podcasting End

Now that the day is ending Sarah and I have come up with an effective plan of podcasting the story Corduroy. The only problem we have is that the background noises made it harder for us to podcast. Also once we had a good podcast, Sarahs computer froze and we lost the podcast. It is a minor setback and we plan to be successful with the next try, we just won't use Sarahs computer.

Podcasting Plan

Sarah and I haven't come up with a plan on how we hope to podcast the story Corduroy. Hopefully everything goes well and we have a lot of fun. I hope to find sound effects that we can possibly use to emphasize certain parts of the story. I am very excited and am glad to be working with Sarah.